Chris Henjum

Chris Henjum is an attorney, policy wonk, social entrepreneur, and lover of charts. Chris has a background in political science, journalism, law, and public policy.

Chris has taken on Big Tobacco in helping to establish the "State and Local Programs" group at the FDA Center for Tobacco Products in Washington, D.C., defended cities in court on behalf over 800 local communities at The League of Minnesota Cities, and was an attorney and analyst for Flaherty & Hood, P.A. where he drafted the Border-to-Border Broadband Infrastructure Act and assisted in the 2013 reform of Local Government Aid. He currently works at Kennedy & Graven, serving as bond counsel for communities across the state.

Chris also launched the first and only test prep company — Esqyr — with a social mission to reduce and prevent student debt. He was included in Minnesota Business Magazine's annual Young Entrepreneurs issue and was awarded the 2016 Jaycees "10 Outstanding Young Minnesotans" award.

Chris is active in the Hennepin County Bar Association and the Minnesota Bar Association. He is an passionate advocate and board member for Minnesotans for the American Community Survey, the Twin Cities chapter of the American Constitution Society, and the DFL Lawyers Committee.